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If God doesn't have a sense of humor, I just might be going to hell

Jesus is like totally my bff like omgeee

Under deconstruction

My dream is to be such a great artist that people will identify and refer to my art by my last name.

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Dear aggienes,

In all your knowledge with natural hair, can you please help me with my hair? The struggle is real with this transitioning process. Please help me with a style that is affordable and will last for a good while instead of a week. Niggas arms are getting tired lol.

From, Crystal

Lol art thou ready for the Marley braid? Mine lasted 4 to 5 weeks

Yes I am!!! As long as I can afford it I should be ready.

Lol text me n we shall talk more on this

Kevin Hart gets paid for being himself. That’s just amazing

They should do a more chilled version of the bible


Luke 22:48: Jesus asked Judas “you really gon do me like that cuh?”


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don’t ever let girls in your house you’ll end up with no tshirts bruh

No sweats
No boxers
No basketball short

No tank tops
No cute weed socks from Pacsun

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Anonymous asked: there's nothing wrong with smoking.



actually there is something wrong with smoking

we talking cigarettes or marijuana?

I’m talking about smoking. Smoking anything is bad for ur lungs








this moment was so sad.

black girls are human beings

man i used to really not like her. tumblr showed me the way

I felt that last comment

black girls are vulnerable. we have feelings. we dont always care what others think, but what they say can have an affect on us. no one wants to let us live. i can only imagine if my words were on a scale as large as hers, how difficult it would be.

I used to feel the same way about her, too.

i really dont think it was because she was black. i mean. i can understand your comment, but the way people talked about her period. she was different so they talked down on her. the same happened with Lady Gaga.

Lmbo @ black girls are human beings

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I’m tipsy for the first time in a while

I need to be tipsy.


Rolling Stone: Did you know Frank Ocean was gay before he came out last year?
Tyler, the Creator: Yeah, I was one of the first people he told. I kinda knew, because he likes Pop Tarts without frosting on them, so I knew something was weird. But that’s my nigga.

Fav post on this site

Anonymous asked: there's nothing wrong with smoking.

actually there is something wrong with smoking