Artsy Aggie

If God doesn't have a sense of humor, I just might be going to hell

Jesus is like totally my bff like omgeee

Under deconstruction

My dream is to be such a great artist that people will identify and refer to my art by my last name.

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Do you guys know of any legit tattoo parlors? DMV, GA, NYC, FL, NJ…..any of those states. Matter of fact, anywhere.

And by legit I mean they do amazing 3D work n their tattoos are clean, well shaded n precise.

Where to go…..where to go

Mayday Parade gave me bipolar feelings. From “Imma be aight” to “damn I kinda miss that nigga” to “FDB”

Now I listen to Sleeping With Sirens


No matter how much women tell you that they want the truth, it’s bullshit 99.9999999% of the time.

You guys want to be lied to AT LEAST a little bit.

And yes, sugar coating counts as lying.

Eh, I always want the truth. Might not be happy about it but I’ll be a lot more unhappy when I find out that u lied

Amazing day

Got my car fixed for free :-)
Found a cop to sign my repair order :-)
Went to open mic, ordered food n the waiter told me not to worry about paying for it :-)

What a blessed day! *happy twerk dance*



mango is a funny word



Open Mic night! And then karaoke!!! I’m about to embarrass myself tonight. But I’ll look good doing it :-)

Anonymous asked: How's life since you graduated from college?

It’s been chilled. A lot of “soul searching” n recuperating. Thanks for asking :-)